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Resource typeDissertation
Title(s)Work Ability: Assessment and Association with Self-Determination in the Transition to Retirement and Later Life Satisfaction
Alternative title(s)Arbeitsfähigkeit: Erfassung und Zusammenhang mit Selbstbestimmung beim Übergang in den Ruhestand und späterer Lebenszufriedenheit
CreatorVoltmer, Jan-Bennet  0000-0002-9103-3013  1231941286
RefereeDeller, Jürgen  0000-0001-6735-950X  121986861
Lehr, Dirk  0000-0002-5560-3605  133912663
James, Jacquelyn
AdvisorDeller, Jürgen  0000-0001-6735-950X  121986861
AbstractThis dissertation investigates work ability as a concept that supports workers, employers, and societies in the extension of working lives, and how work ability is related to the level of self-determination in the transition to retirement, and ultimately life satisfaction. In the first study of this dissertation, the Work Ability Survey-R (WAS-R) was translated from English into German and then evaluated regarding its psychometric properties and construct validity. The WAS-R operationalizes work ability as the interplay of personal and organizational resources and thus allows companies to derive targeted interventions to maintain work ability. In the second study, the WAS-R was examined together with the questionnaire Work-Related Behavior and Experience Pattern (Arbeitsbezogenes Verhaltens- und Erlebensmuster, AVEM) regarding its construct validity. A striking feature of this study was the high number of participants with the answering pattern indicating low work-related ambitions and protection. Persons with this pattern are in danger of entering the risk pattern for burnout in the future. The findings support the validity of the WAS-R. In the third contribution, two studies examined the experience of control (i.e., autonomy) in the transition to retirement as a mediator between previous work ability, health, and financial well-being, and later life satisfaction in retirement. Control was found to partially mediate the relationship between work ability and later life satisfaction. Different mechanisms on later life satisfaction of work ability and health, and the subjective and objective financial situation were found. This dissertation contributes to research on and practice with aging workers in two ways: (1) The German translation of the WAS-R is presented as a useful instrument for measuring work ability, assessing individual and organizational aspects and therefore enabling employers to make targeted interventions to maintain and improve work ability, and eventually enable control during later work life, the retirement transition and even old age. (2) This dissertation corroborates the importance of good work ability and health, even in old age, as well as control in these phases of life. Work ability is indirectly related to life satisfaction in the long period of retirement, mediated by a sense of control in the transition to retirement. This emphasizes the importance of the need for control as postulated by the SDT also in the transition to retirement.
Date of defense2020-07-07
Year of publication in PubData2020
Publishing typeFirst publication
Date issued2020-08-11
Creation contextResearch
NotesDie kumulative Dissertation enthält drei Beiträge.
Granting InstitutionLeuphana Universität Lüneburg
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
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