About PubData

PubData is the insti­tutional research data repo­sitory of Leuphana Uni­versity of Lueneburg covering research data in general, with­out dis­cipline-specific orien­tation. The ser­vice is operated by Leuphana's Media and Infor­mation Centre (MIZ).

PubData is not adjusted to one scien­tific field, but generally addresses all scienti­fic dis­ciplines. In case of knowing a suitable dis­cipline-­specific data repository, we recommend sub­mitting your data and research results there. It often makes more sense to publish your data within your research commu­nity and flank it with discipline-­specific meta­data and contexts to facili­tate the finda­bility and reuse for the target group.
Additionally, in 2022, PubData will extend its services and also become the Leuphana plat­form for open access text publi­cations.

Who can use the service?

The service is primarily addressed to all employees and researchers from cooperation partners con­tractually associated with Leuphana Uni­versity of Luene­burg. It is free of charge. External use of the services is possible after registra­tion and in consul­tation with the service provider. Owners of a Leuphana account are already authorized to use the services.

What are the key tasks?

Publishing research data

PubData aims to make research results, especially research data, available for third party use under regu­lated terms of use. When­ever possible, the data shall be published open access. Besides, it is possible to publish research data and materials with restric­ted access for a limited group of scienti­fic users.

In the progress of the publishing process, all data publi­cations also become citable by being assigned a per­sistent identi­fier (DOI).

Preservation and archiving of research data

PubData archives and publishes data collections and datasets. In addition, PubData offers the option to access these data and infor­mation about them via the PubData catalogue. The data collections and datasets sub­mitted via PubData are sub­jected to review routines and enriched with stan­dardized meta­data. This also includes linking to and incor­porating other contextual content (Linked Open Data) and dissemi­nating the metadata to other catalogue systems and search engines.

How can I use PubData?

Submit Data

After success­ful login (and registra­tion for non-­Leuphana members), you can either upload data for sole archiving pur­poses or for addi­tional publi­cation. Via a sub­mission form (accessible via the buttons "Archive" or "Publish" or via your workspace "My PubData") you can submit your infor­mation and data to us. The upload for excep­tionally large files (>4 gigabytes) is recommen­ded to be performed via the campus net­work of Leuphana University of Luene­burg.

Re-use Data

Check out the PubData catalogue. By using the search or the browsing functio­nality you can navi­gate through the catalogue and find adjusting data records. There you will get the essen­tial infor­mation about the data as well as the files them­selves inclu­ding access condi­tions / licenses to be considered.

Technical Details

PubData is based on the open source software DSpace 6.4. It is conti­nuously technically adapted and evolved. The data is stored and made available via the techni­cal systems of Leuphana's Media and Infor­mation Center (MIZ). This implies regular backups and inte­grity checks in terms of bit­stream preser­vation. Access is protected and controlled by the admi­nistrator team of the MIZ.


The PubData team will support you with all questions regarding the use, sub­mission and publi­cation of data. Please feel free to contact us via pubdata@leuphana.de.

If your research data is extremely large and/or very complex in structure, a customized solution may be required. In such a case, please contact the PubData team or the Service Center Research Data Management directly.