About PubData

PubData is the insti­tutional repo­sitory of Leuphana Uni­versity Lüneburg providing services for the archiving and publishing of results, objects and datasets generated during all research, study and teaching activities in the scientific spectrum of the Leuphana with the aim to share, disseminate and reuse research and teaching objects and resources. This includes literature, research data and contextual materials and other publication formats, called “alternative“ in the PubData context, e.g. audio recordings, web resources like blogs or websites as well as cartographic materials or open educational resources and many more.

The ser­vice is operated by Leuphana's Media and Infor­mation Centre (MIZ) under the direct responsibility of the PubData team as a part of the MIZ department Media Management & E-Science.

Who can use the service?

The archiving and publishing service is primarily addressed to all employees and students from Leuphana University Lüneburg and, additionally, to researchers and contributors from cooperation partners con­tractually associated with Leuphana Uni­versity Lüne­burg. It is free of charge. External use of this service is possible after registra­tion and in consul­tation with the service provider. Owners of a Leuphana account are already authorised to use the services.

The PubData catalogue is provided free of charge. Regarding the content of the publication section, open and worldwide access to the content is granted, without any need for registration. Regarding the content of the research data section, access rights may vary, as they depend on the access permission granted by the authors of the dataset at file level.

What are the key tasks?

Publishing and archiving services

PubData aims to document and describe objects generated and used as a result of research, study and teaching activities and make them available for third party use under regulated terms of use. Whenever possible, the objects and datasets shall be published in open access in the sense of open science.

In the progress of the publishing process, all published objects and datasets will be registered and get assigned a persistent identifier (DOI). This means that all objects catalogued in PubData will be permanently documented, citable and available, at least as a data record.

Description, documentation and dissemination via the PubData catalogue

PubData lists archived and published objects and resources and makes this information available via the PubData catalogue. To get an optimal search result, the single data records are described and prepared by implementing information-scientific documentary procedures. In addition to the simple search, facets/filters, lists according to selected categories and an advanced search are used.

Besides, the individual data records are enriched in such a way that they are linked to other context-related content with unique ID references (Linked Open Data). Furthemore, PubData takes care of the visibility and findability of the objecs and increases them by disseminating the metadata to other relevant catalogue systems and search engines.

Technical Details

PubData is based on the open source software DSpace 6.4. It is conti­nuously technically adapted and evolved. The data is stored and made available via the techni­cal systems of Leuphana's Media and Infor­mation Center (MIZ). This implies regular backups and inte­grity checks in terms of bit­stream preser­vation. Access is protected and controlled by the admi­nistrator team of the MIZ.


The PubData team will support you with all questions regarding the use, sub­mission and publi­cation of literature, alternative publications and research data. Please feel free to contact us via pubdata@leuphana.de.

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