Archiving your research data and materials

Submit your research data and materials for secure, permanent storage via the Leuphana archi­ving system. Deposit and describe your data by using the sub­mission form and our included upload area. Deposi­ting the data is for archi­ving only without publishing them. Access will be granted in abso­lutely excep­tional cases and after verifi­cation.

Please switch to Publish if planning to publish your data and to grant permanent access to them.

Our procedures

After the sub­mission, your data and infor­mation will pass through a data ingest check. Sub­sequently, we will provide additional meta­data and archive the data via the Leuphana archi­ving system in a completely access-­protected manner. The data is stored for the long term accor­ding to Leuphana Archiving Directive for Research Data (Leuphana Archivierungsrichtlinie Forschungsdaten → Downloads) and after the con­clusion of an archi­ving agreement with the MIZ.

Authorized Users

The use of this archi­ving service is reserved for users with a Leuphana account. To submit your data, log in with your Leuphana account and start the sub­mission.


If you have any questions or need for clarification or if you don’t own a Leuphana account but would like to archive your data please contact us directly via