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Original TitlePathways to water-related sustainability: case survey data from 40 empirical water governance studies, complemented by expert surveys and additional case-based literature
Kinds of DataOther
Further information: Coding of Case Survey Data
Resource TypeDataset
CreatorBilalova, Shahana  0000-0002-3314-9691 (Institut für Nachhaltigkeitssteuerung (INSUGO), Leuphana Universität Lüneburg  02w2y2t16)
Jager, Nicolas W.  0000-0002-6706-6595 (Wageningen University  04qw24q55)
Newig, Jens  0000-0003-2390-2982  1051421268 (Institut für Nachhaltigkeitssteuerung (INSUGO), Leuphana Universität Lüneburg  02w2y2t16)
Villamayor-Tomas, Sergio  0000-0002-5170-1718 (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  052g8jq94)
Description of the DatasetData from the case survey of 40 cases from empirical water governance studies, supplemented with expert survey and secondary data coding. The coded variables are Capacity (CAP), Fit (FIT) from the aggregation of Temporal fit, Spatial fit, and Functional fit, Interplay (INTER) from the aggregation of Vertical interplay and Horizontal interplay, Decentralization (DEC), Participation (PART), Adaptiveness/knowledge integration (ADAPT) from the aggregation of Flexibility, Use of evidence, and Knowledge integration, Problématique 1: Groundwater exploitation for agriculture (P1), and Sustainability outcome (OUT).
MethodsContent coding
KeywordsWassermanagement; Nachhaltigkeit; Fallstudie; Qualitative Vergleichende Analyse; Systematic Review; Steuerungsprozesse; Wasser; Entscheidungsfindung; Wasserbewirtschaftung; Water Governance; Sustainability; Case Survey; Qualitative Comparative Analysis; Systematic Review; Governance; Water; Decision Making; Water Management
Thematic ClassificationWassermanagement
GeolocationNo information
Publication Year2024
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Superordinate Data Collection Data PhD Bilalova
Related Resources Relations of the dataset
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