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Resource typeBachelor Thesis
Title(s)The French Approach to Counterterrorism: A normative assessment of the securitisation of terrorism by France between 2015 and 2017
CreatorBraunschweig, Beatrice von
RefereeFriedrich, Dawid
Hegemann, Hendrik
AbstractIncreasing objections have been formulated towards broadening the security category. Securitisation is used to bring attention to urgent and existential threats that cannot be resolved through ordinary political decisions. During the time of the state of emergency between 2015 and 2017, France strengthened its security forces and introduced generalised surveillance measures to curb the terrorist threat. The purpose of this Bachelor thesis is to problematise the securitisation of terrorism in the French case. To do so, the Just Securitisation Theory by Rita Floyd is used to examine the following research question: Was it just to securitise terrorism in France between 2015 and 2017? Through critical discourse analysis of 54 presidential speech acts and secondary text analysis, this study aims to scrutinise securitising moves and security practices of the French government. The presented results indicate that the justness of securitisation is highly questionable. The analysis shows that the governments set excessive goals of eliminating terrorism and that security measures were misappropriated to fight organised crime instead of terrorism.
Date of defense2022-09-05
Year of publication in PubData2022
Publishing typeFirst publication
Date issued2022-10-13
Creation contextStudy
Granting InstitutionLeuphana Universität Lüneburg
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
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