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Resource typeDissertation
Title(s)No country for old trees? The future of European wood-pastures
Alternative title(s)Kein Land für alte Bäume? Die Zukunft von Waldweiden in Europa
CreatorRoellig, Marlene
RefereeFischer, Jörn  0000-0003-3187-8978  1051419840
Bergmeier, Erwin  1165667800
Bieling, Claudia  0000-0001-5001-4150  1068562307
AdvisorFischer, Jörn  0000-0003-3187-8978  1051419840
AbstractWood-pastures have been present in Europe for thousands of years. This form of grazed landscape, combining herbaceous vegetation with trees and shrubs, has often co-evolved with its human users into complex social-ecological systems (SES). Wood-pastures are associated with high cultural and biodiversity values and are an example of the sustainable use of resources. However, due to their often relatively labour-intensive management and low productivity, large areas of wood-pastures have been lost over the last century. The loss of these areas means not only the loss of biodiversity on both local and landscape scales, but also the loss of traditional farming and cultural heritage in some regions. Across the European Union, wood-pastures are facing different problems and are embedded in different social systems and ecological environments. Yet they are all affected by global change and common European policies. To understand the challenges for wood-pastures in a changing world, a holistic approach combining different disciplines is needed. This dissertation therefore is analyzing wood-pastures across Europe as a Social-ecological System, combining ecology and social science with the aim to identify the barriers and drivers for wood-pastures persistence into the future.
KeywordsÖkosystem; Soziales System; Baum
Date of defense2018-02-23
Year of publication in PubData2018
Publishing typeFirst publication
Date issued2018-03-23
Creation contextResearch
Granting InstitutionLeuphana Universität Lüneburg
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
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