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Resource typeBachelor Thesis
Title(s)A Systematic Review of the Possible Outcomes of Brand Activism on Companies
CreatorAnnuß, Jasmin
Study programmeBetriebswirtschaftslehre
RefereeTrittin-Ulbrich, Hannah  0000-0002-9501-0003
Bekmeier-Feuerhahn, Sigrid  1020691549
AdvisorTrittin-Ulbrich, Hannah  0000-0002-9501-0003
AbstractIncreasingly, companies are taking an active role in current debates on socio-political issues by positioning themselves with statements or actions. Consumers’ demand for this phenomenon called Brand Activism is rising. At the same time, stakeholders’ reactions to Brand Activism are difficult to predict, so that the participation for brands remains risky. The research on Brand Activism is nascent, and the constantly growing amount of findings on different aspects leave the literature field fragmented. The purpose of this work therefore is to summarize the knowledge that has been generated so far on the possible outcomes of Brand Activism for brands and its stakeholders. A systematic literature review covered 33 relevant papers. It was found that internal implementation and communication, as well as stakeholder’s characteristics shape the reactions to Brand Activism. A framework conceptualizes the opportunities for brands to reduce the risks of Brand Activism, by optimizing their internal factors to convey authenticity and by considering stakeholders’ values. This paper contributes to literature by providing a conceptualization of the process which was missing until now.
KeywordsBrand Activism; Corporate Activism; Brand Authenticity; Value Alignment
Date of thesis submission2024-01-22
Date of defense2024-03-11
Year of publication in PubData2024
Publishing typeFirst publication
Date issued2024-05-27
Creation contextStudy
Granting InstitutionLeuphana Universität Lüneburg
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
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