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Original TitleSkripte zur Verarbeitung von Geoinformationen in vier Artikeln der Dissertation Charlotte Gohr
Alternative Title(s)Scripts for processing geoinformation in four articles of the dissertation Charlotte Gohr
Kinds of DataStatistical Evaluations / Tables
Models / Modellings
Geoinformation Data (GIS Data)
Context Materials / Supporting information
Resource TypeDataset
CreatorGohr, Charlotte  0000-0002-0459-0939 (Biosphere Reserves Institute, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development / Leuphana Universität Lüneburg)
Description of the DatasetThis dataset contains the data and materials generated and used as the basis for four articles of the cumulative dissertation "Assessing the effectiveness of UNESCO biosphere reserves - towards a global monitoring tool of ecological functioning“. In detail, it consists of scripts to be executed in the cloud-computing platform Google Earth Engine and the R environment for statistical analysis of satellite imagery and it consists of one table generated for the literature review article. The data and scripts are the basis for the thesis investigating pathways to develop a tool to assess the effectiveness of biosphere reserves worldwide using remote sensing in four articles. (1) The dataset of the first dataset is published and consists of the final table of included research articles. (2) The data for the second article are part of a regional-scale study on ecosystem functions of different land cover types that highlights the potential of forests and water bodies to regulate temperatures on a landscape level. (3) In a study on forest fragmentation in Germany, connectivity was added as another proxy of forest ecosystem functioning to evaluate temperature regulation and vegetation vitality. The dataset consists of scripts to be executed in the Google Earth Engine and R environment. (4) The fourth part of the dataset consists of scripts and geospatial datasets (shapefiles) to assess forest ecosystem functions in 119 biosphere reserves worldwide using multiple proxies designed with satellite imagery. The proxies are four different proxies of primary productivity, temperature regulation, and evapotranspiration.
MethodsContent coding
Compilation / Synthesis
Analysis of digital content
Programming / Script-based data collection
KeywordsFernerkundung; Biosphärenreservat; Wirksamkeit; Monitoring; Überwachungsinstrument; Ökosystem; Wald; Remote Sensing; Biosphere Reserve; Efficiency; Monitoring; Monitoring Tool; Ecosystem; Forest
Thematic ClassificationGeoinformatik
GeolocationRegion/Location: Weltweit
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Superordinate Data Collection Data Dissertation Gohr 2024
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