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Resource typeBook Chapter
Title(s)New communities for culture and a new culture of community
CreatorBökelheide, Clara
Buerke, Deborah
Cheung, Ka Sin
Schlumberger, Liane
AbstractHow can CSX be applied to different industries in the cultural field? The following three subchapters discuss general problems of the cultural sector (the past), current practice examples of CSX (the present) and visions about new possibilities in this sector (the future), envisioning the progress of the sector through the implementation of CSX as an alternative economic model. This chapter explores this by using creative writing styles. While all the characters are fictional, the characterizations and the outline of the story draw from our scientific research. Our main protagonist is Quinn who studies Cultural Studies, is a volunteer in several cultural initiatives and works at a podcast studio. Planning to be done with the Master's program in about a year, questions about possibilities of a future employment in the cultural sector are becoming more present for Quinn and their fellow students.
Year of publication in PubData2023
Publishing typeFirst publication
Publication versionPublished version
Date issued2023-08-08
Creation contextResearch
NotesDiese studentische Ausarbeitung entstand im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung "#CSX: Community Supported Economy: New entrepreneurial narratives in words & deeds", die innerhalb des Komplementärstudiums des "Leuphana Sustainable Entrepreneurship Certificate" stattfand.
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
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Resource typeBook
Title of the resource typeCommunity Supported Economy – CSX – New entrepreneurial narratives in words, deeds, and pictures
Publication year2023
PublisherLeuphana Universitätsbibliothek
Place of publicationLüneburg
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