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Resource typeBook Chapter
Title(s)CSX in Practice: Tales of Challenge, Tales of Success
CreatorAnderson, Lauren
Wulfes, Jennifer
Rahimov, Aliagha
Huseynov, Afer
Mammadli, Farahim
Islam, Shariful
Krafft, Lea-Carlotta
AbstractThis chapter is structured into two sub chapters, studied and written by two research-groups, titled: (1) Tales of Challenge (2) Tales of Success. The chapter concludes with a common summary of all findings. In both sub chapters the same approach was applied. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and analyzed according to Mayring (2000) to collect perspectives from practice and research. Some interviews were conducted by each research group separately and some together. Also, a method inspired by Photovoice was used to gain a deeper understanding of specific challenges and drivers in the respective projects. Inspired by the Photovoice method (Wang and Burris, 1997), interviewees were asked to share a picture and short description answering a question posed by the researchers to gain a deeper understanding of specific challenges and drivers in the respective projects. Our shared main character, Joice, will keep popping up during this chapter to share her experience.
Year of publication in PubData2023
Publishing typeFirst publication
Publication versionPublished version
Date issued2023-08-08
Creation contextResearch
NotesDiese studentische Ausarbeitung entstand im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung "#CSX: Community Supported Economy: New entrepreneurial narratives in words & deeds", die innerhalb des Komplementärstudiums des "Leuphana Sustainable Entrepreneurship Certificate" stattfand.
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
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Resource typeBook
Title of the resource typeCommunity Supported Economy – CSX – New entrepreneurial narratives in words, deeds, and pictures
Publication year2023
PublisherLeuphana Universitätsbibliothek
Place of publicationLüneburg
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