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Resource typeBook Chapter
Title(s)Private property vs. public policy vision in ancillary copyriht law reform
CreatorHerzog, Christian  0000-0002-7424-3983  1046881442
Buschow, Christopher  0000-0001-9608-1033
Beil, Alessandro Immanuel
AbstractAlgorithmic distribution has fundamentally altered the news industry and has led to conflicts over regulatory issues. Focusing on the introduction of European ancillary copyright, this chapter addresses an earlier international reform around algorithmic news distribution. Based on an in-depth thematic analysis of key documents from the policy formulation phase, the chapter maps the arguments for and against the ancillary copyright reform put forward by Google and news publishers in Germany. While we provide a detailed analysis of the underlying rationales of two key actors primarily affected by the regulation, we also place ancillary copyright in the context of competing private property and public policy visions, which allows for a better understanding of how and why different actors take particular positions on copyright reform and algorithmic regulation.
Year of publication in PubData2022
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Publication versionAccepted version
Date issued2022-08-11
Creation contextResearch
NotesVorerst nur Appendix des Data Set mit Quellen,- und Literaturverzeichnis zu Buchkapitel: Herzog, C., Buschow, C., & Beil, A. I. (2022). Private property vs. public policy vision in ancillary copyright law reform. In: J. Meese & S. Bannerman (Eds), The algorithmic distribution of news: Policy responses. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
Published byMedien- und Informationszentrum, Leuphana Universit√§t L√ľneburg
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Resource typeBook
Title of the resource typeThe algorithmic distribution of news: Policy responses
Publication year2022
Pages151 - 170
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
Place of publicationCham
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