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PubData is Leuphana's institu­tional research data reposi­tory for the long-term preser­vation, documen­tation and publi­cation of research data from scienti­fic projects.

PubData is main­tained by Leuphana's Media and Infor­mation Centre (MIZ) and is free of charge. The service is primarily aimed at Leuphana em­ployees and additionally at re­searchers from coope­ration partners con­tractually asso­ciated with Leuphana.

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How to use PubData


Via PubData, university members as well as researchers from coope­ration partners con­tractually associa­ted with Leuphana can store their research data securely and perma­nently in Leuphana's archi­ving system including full access protection.


PubData makes your research data public­ly accessible and available. Access to this data can either be com­pletely free or re­stricted to cer­tain persons or groups of persons. All published research data is auto­matically archived.


Use the search or the browsing functio­nality to navigate through the PubData inven­tory and to access the indi­vidual data records on the PubData plat­form. There you will find all the impor­tant infor­mation about the data as well as the associa­ted files them­selves.